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Wintertime Ice Stability

By on Jan 25, 2014 in News | 0 comments

For avid ice fishermen, the perils of the activity they love are well known. Slips and falls on ice are one of the difficulties associated with spending a large amount of time on a slippery surface. But many are unaware of the fact that studies are now showing those slips and falls result in bruises, bone fractures and brain injuries twenty-to-thirty percent of the time. And so now, it’s imperative that those making their way through the icy environments across North America this winter harness effective footwear to regain their stability. One of the latest marketplace solutions is the Ultimate Cleat, the leading ice cleats for a broad range of winter activities.

The Ultimate Cleat is a standout product on the winter footwear marketplace in that it’s been built for the ultimate in terms of durability and is designed to last at least a decade or more. There is no rubber within the Ultimate Cleat product, which means wearer won’t suffer those breaks, cracks and tears that have become synonymous with lower-valued winter-wear options. Truly, the designers of the Ultimate Cleat have created their ice cleats for an unparalleled user experience.

Instead of those annoying buckles, ties and snaps that can become loose in the cold, these leading ice cleats feature a heavy duty Velcro-based design that completely attaches to the bottom of winter footwear and assures a uniquely high level of rigid stability when walking across icy surfaces. Whether the wearer is making their way to their ice cabin on the lake before a fishing adventure, or hiking through a snowy tundra while exploring one of North America’s majestic winter nature trails, they can place they trust in the performance of the Ultimate Cleat to help them maintain their balance.

The Ultimate Cleat’s design also comprises heavy-duty 11-guage E-coated rust-resistant steel with Velcro strapping. This material assures superior adhesion to the buckles, ties and snaps used by other, less durable products now available on the marketplace. One of the leading reasons so many winter adventurers are now purchasing the Ultimate Cleat is that the product is designed to be utilized with any modern winter footwear that has a 1” heel. It offers a seamless fit with most modern boot-types and will integrate within the heel of the boot to give assured footing on the ice. In addition to its recreational uses, the Ultimate Cleat is also widely utilized by outdoor workers within the construction and pipeline industries. It’s a lightweight, portable product that can be utilized as part of any outdoor worker kit. And this functional flexibility means it’s a product that is supporting greater levels of control for wearers across all winter environments.

To learn more about the advantages of the Ultimate Cleat, contact the organization directly today and speak with the product’s manufacturers about its inherent qualities. Technical personnel are standing-by to answer any performance-based questions.

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