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Winter sports

Snowmobile Expedition & Winter Sport CleatsIf you are wondering if an ice cleat or The Ultimate cleat in particular is right for you the answer is simple. Do you enjoy the winter and winter sports? Because let’s face it there is a common thread among winter sports enthusiasts, they tend to push the envelope a little farther.

Ice Walking & Snowmobile CleatsIce Fisherman venture onto thin ice and go out further every year in hopes of hooking the big one. Skiers and Snowboards are always looking to go farther and faster. Hikers look to conquer higher mountains and tough terrain not sledding hills and jogging paths. Snowmobilers aren’t happy unless that sled is screaming with speed and flying around corners.

Maybe it’s because winter weather is something that is incredibly challenging and unforgiving. You can hide under a tree to escape the rain or hot summer sun but you can’t do that in a blizzard or sub-zero cold. Winter is tough and you need the toughest tools you can find to take it on. The Ultimate Cleat is the toughest kid on the block when it comes to ice cleats and is a must add to your winter gear.Ice Walking Cleats