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Outdoor occupations

Man Wearing Outdoor Work Shoe CleatsOver the last few years television shows like Ice Road Truckers and the Deadliest Catch have shown the public a glimpse about winter occupations. But let’s face it a TV show is not real life. For those brave men and women who take on the elements everyday there is not warming trailer within walking distance or support ships within site.
You throw on the thermals, winter parka, hats, gloves and some Mickey Mouse boots with The Ultimate Cleat, grab your lunch pail and go to work!

Winter Jobs Need Quality Ice TractionAround the world millions of workers brave the elements every day to put food on table and pay the bills. If that sounds like your day you understand that you can’t afford to let a preventable injury impact your work or quality of life. If you work around ice and heavy snow ice cleats are not a luxury, there are a must! The Ultimate Cleat is the only choice for heavy duty performance.

Don’t jeopardize your safety or your ability to provide for your family. Invest in yourself with a long lasting investment, a high quality ice cleat that returns value every time you strap it on. safety Ice Cleats & Boot Stabilicers in Harsh Winter Conditions

The Ultimate Cleat is designed for one purpose – to bite the ice before it bites you!