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Ice fishing

Ice Fishing CleatsWhether you are a novice or a hard core ice fisherman there is one constant you fish for the enjoyment. The quickest way to disrupt a good time is with an injury, especially a slip and fall injury that could have been avoided with a quality ice cleat. Why take the chance a dangerous fall when the ultimate solution is just a click away – The Ultimate Cleat.

Ice Fishing Cleats for BootsIf you are serious about having a good time and avoiding injury adding The Ultimate Cleat to your ice fishing tackle is a no brainer. Just like the quality Reel, Ice Auger, Ice Chisel, Tip-Up, Jig or shanty you know the importance of having the best tools for the job.

The Ultimate Cleat is designed for high performance and attaches easily to your winter boots. You won’t be disappointed when you purchase our ice cleat because unlike most products today ours is not a throw away item. When we say it becomes part of your fishing tackle that is what we mean – the Ultimate Cleat becomes an essential tool you can’t do without.
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