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Do you love winter hiking but hate to fall? Sounds like a silly question right, well not really. While most hikers invest heavily in their winter clothing few add critical tools like a quality ice cleat to their arsenal.

That North Face jacket and Sorel or UGG boots won’t do you any good if you are flat on your back. Now we freely admit that The Ultimate Cleat is not a hiking fashion statement like many of our ice cleat competitors. Our product is designed to do the dirty work and get nasty with ice and icy surfaces.

Old Man Winter is not going to cut your hiking group any slack so hit right back with the best ice gripping product on the market. You don’t have to worry about the fit as The Ultimate Cleat is designed to work with virtually any winter boots or footwear.

You purchased the warmest winter jacket, hat, gloves and winter snow boots so don’t skimp when it comes to your safety. Invest in the Ultimate Cleat, you won’t be disappointed.

Winter Hiking CleatsWinter Hiking-PyreneesHiker with Ice Cleats & Frozen Waterfall