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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Plan Do you have an Emergency Preparedness Plan? How about the necessary supplies for your emergency kit? Did you remember to include harsh winter weather gear like ice cleats?

In the event you need to put that plan into action you must have the right tools. The Ultimate Cleat is terrific winter weather and ice tool with an unlimited shelf life so you can rest assured it will be ready when you are.

Сar stuck in the snow & Doomsday PreppersBecause it is cost effective and designed to work with any size boot a one-time purchase for the entire family will keep you covered. You don’t have to worry about the kids outgrowing them. The small size will allow you to easily add the security of navigating dangerous ice and snow easily with the best ice cleat on the market.

If you are preparing for the worst invest in the best – The Ultimate Cleat is a must have addition. Snow-bound Cottage-Tackle the Winter with Ice Cleats & Winter Gears