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Ultimate Cleat to Ice Fishing Gear

By on Mar 10, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Each year, many thousands of North Americans traverse the continent’s icy tundra to escape for an ice fishing trip with friends and family. It’s an occasion that many look forward to each year. But despite the fun and excitement that ice fishing offers, the activity takes place in an environment where there is constant danger of slipping and falling on the ice. It’s the reason that many experienced ice fisherman are now considering their footwear options for future trips. And one company is now offering the ideal addition to ice fishing gear.

The Ultimate Cleat is a company that offers a standout product in the footwear marketplace. The company’s Ultimate Cleat solution is unique to any other piece of equipment on the market today. While it might not have the designer name attached and a large branding campaign at its foundation, the Ultimate Cleat is a product that is designed purely for functionality rather than simply commercial appeal. It’s this commitment to product performance that has helped the Ultimate Cleat design team create a product that is designed to be a lasting addition to ice fishing gear for millions of American winter voyagers.

In addition to presenting an ideal protection against slips and falls during ice fishing trips, the Ultimate Cleat is also now considered the requisite product for those who are working in outdoor occupations, in which they must continually walk across icy environments to complete their working obligations. The Ultimate Cleat helps outdoor professionals such as construction workers and commercial ice fisherman achieve solid footing in their working environment. It’s the ideal product to help prevent slips and falls on the job that can cause companies to lose hundreds of man-hours annually.

One of the clear advantages of the Ultimate Cleat product is that it’s simple to use. There’s no complex strapping or buttons to try to use in the freezing weather. The Ultimate Cleat harnesses the benefits of Velcro to provide users with sheer comfort and a no-fuss practicality that increases the buyer return on investment significantly. And the E-Coating on the product makes the Ultimate Cleat exceptionally rust resistant, thereby assuring standout durability that few other similar products on the marketplace can match. Another of the leading advantages of the Ultimate Cleat is that, despite its inherent strength and structural quality, it’s exceptionally small. This means that it can easily fit within most ice fishing gear storage systems.

It’s a trusted product for assured footing in icy conditions. To learn more on the full array of advantages offered by the Ultimate Cleat, contact the company’s headquarters today and speak with an on-site staff member.

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