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The Ultimate Cleat Ice Grippers

By on Feb 25, 2014 in News | 0 comments

For construction teams and those working outside in the North American wintertime, the challenges of slips and falls on ice can be exceptionally difficult to overcome. It’s the type of safety concern that stays foremost in the mind of any professionals working outdoors in the wintertime. And in order to help allay their fears, they require access to footwear ice grippers that help provide them with the stability to complete their work successfully in the long-term. Now, one Clay Township, Michigan-based firm is helping support greater ease-of-movement and stability for all outdoor workers.

The Ultimate Cleat team has created a product that is a standout solution within the winter-wear industry. Their Ultimate Cleat product is designed to seamlessly attach to any winter boot while assuring exceptional durability in the long-term through the product’s sturdy construction. In a commercial field where manufacturers plan product obsolescence to keep profit margins absurdly high, this type of commitment to complete product quality is rare. And it’s one of the reasons that so many outdoor working professionals are now selecting the Ultimate Cleat product to add to their working inventory. Within the company’s Ultimate Cleat, there’s no rubber that will wear down quickly and break over time. And there are no spikes that will dull and reduce the level of traction on the ice. It’s a heavy-duty product designed utilizing a Single Stamped 11 Gauge (1/8″ Thick) E-Coated solid steel plate that assures maximum grip on the ice in the long-term.

Another of the design advantages of the Ultimate Cleat is that the company’s development team has created the product without the need for ties, buckles, buttons and snaps. This helps protect against the need to continually adjust the product within the cool wintery weather, and allows for a wearing experience that transcends that offered by other products on the marketplace. The company’s exceptional ice grippers are also compact, which means they can easily be integrated into a work bag or backpack for use when required. Truly every element of the product’s design has been considered by the specialists at the Ultimate Cleat.

One size of the Ultimate Cleat fits all boots. And so shoppers buying the product online don’t have to worry about their ice grippers not fitting onto their work boots. The integration process is seamless and fast, which ensures that professionals can consolidate their working processes and spend more time focused on the task-at-hand.

The Ultimate Cleat provides wearers and a high level of stability and performance for a broad range of winter-wear applications. Whether they’re required for walking on ice during a fishing trip or to help ensure stability for challenging working tasks, these cleats represent the latest innovation in winter wear. To learn more about the Ultimate Cleat, contact the company’s headquarters in Clay Township directly and speak with an on-site specialist about the company’s ordering process.

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