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Falling is no fun Especially if you get hurt I purchased a pair of cleats this year called THE ULTIMATE CLEAT. I saw them on line at It bites into the ice and works good. I really felt safe walking They are attached with Velcro which were super easy to put on. No pressure across the top of my foot I will have these a long time and the cost was reasonable. Highly recommend these for those that are looking for a pair of cleats that are not junk and American made.



I am an old man now but still enjoy paging through catalogs and looking at sports equipment. When I spotted The Ultimate Cleat in the local paper I chuckled and said "you just cant beat old ideas that work no matter what." I made this type of ice cleat when I was in High School shop class myself. All the guys made them and we ice fished everyday. Back then dog collars was the preferred method of securing them to our shoes and boots back then but with modern day Velcro they will be easy to adjust and put on. This is a proven ice cleat that will work and last for forever.


Marine City

So winter 2012 my friend Luke and I went ice fishing and as we geared up he put on a pair of Ultimate Cleat ice cleats he bought at a local trade show. Luke told me he had used them for 2 seasons and they were the best piece of ice fishing equipment he owned. He said they saved him falling on the ice more than once. I had nothing of course and not a 100 feet out I went head over heels landing flat on my back. Lesson learned, time to spring for some ice cleats. I got the phone number and ordered a pair for myself and my son! If you love to ice fish I recommend the Ultimate Cleat. Let’s go ice fishing!


St Clair County

Some people live to surf, I live to sled! I never thought about keeping something like the Ultimate Cleat in my gear until I saw it in action. One of our buddies had his sled break down on the lake ice. He had to walk about a quarter mile to get help slipping and sliding the whole way making a long trip even longer. While hooking up his sled for a tow my friend breaks out these heavy duty ice cleats. He slipped them on and ran circles around us on the ice. Enough said! I bought a set as soon as we got home.

Kyle Stover

Alpena, Michigan

My son and I love to go fishing regardless of the season but ice fishing is special. Last season was a downer as a fall resulted in a separated shoulder and sprained wrist. My recovery took two months and during that time I ran across the Ultimate Cleat at a small bait store. I wasn't about to go through this pain again so I purchased a set, what a difference! The grip is fantastic and quality is top notch. I was so impressed I bought sets for my son and brothers. Thanks John for making a great product!


St Clair Shores, Michigan