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Ice Cleats for All Boots

Posted by on Mar 25,2014

For those in wintery Northern climates, the need for an emergency preparedness plan in case their vehicle becomes stuck in the snow and ice is imperative. Becoming proactive on winter preparedness can help American prevent dangerous scenarios when they’re left with few resources in which to protect themselves. And so many are now considering the items that they’ll place into an emergency preparedness kit to place within their vehicle. A product that’s well suited for packing into an emergency kit, due to its small size and rugged structural performance is the Ultimate Cleat, considered one of the leading ice cleats for boots. The Ultimate Cleat has quickly become one of the most popular outdoor footwear products on the commercial market in the US. Built for everyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the wintery north american weather, the Ultimate Cleat empowers greater stability on the ice through expertly engineered gripping technology. One of the reasons so many people are now choosing the Ultimate Cleat product for their winter use needs is that it offers a low one-time price-point for a product that is made to be highly durable and last for many winters to come. Unlike the majority of the winter-wear products on the current market, the Ultimate Cleat has been designed harnessing heavy 11 gauge E Coated Rust Resistant steel as well as Velcro strapping for ease of use. A great advantage to integrating the Ultimate Cleat is that the ice cleats have been built for all boots with at least a one inch heel. This means that customers don’t have to go out and buy special boots to use the Ultimate Cleat, they can simply use it with the equipment they have, and capitalize on the additional stability provided through the product. The ease of use for the Ultimate Cleat makes the equipment ideal for first-responders. Those who work with medical and fire safety teams in wintery conditions must have access to equipment that is easy-to-carry and easy-to-implement. Low in weight and with Velcro rather than complex straps, buttons and buckles as a fastening material; the Ultimate Cleats attaches seamlessly to boots while on ice, therefore making them ideal for emergency response teams completing their work in tough terrain. The Ultimate Cleat is a company that works with their customers to ensure satisfaction with their product line. That’s why they’ve instituted a number of policies to help customers feel comfortable with the Ultimate Cleat product. For example, should customers discover that the steel or strapping in the product is failing within the first year of use, due to a manufacturing defect; the company will replace the product free of charge. It’s this commitment to exceptional quality, as well as the innovation of the Ultimate Cleat that makes this the ideal solution for a broad range of users. To learn more about the Ultimate Cleat, contact the company’s offices directly and speak with an on-site product...

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Ultimate Cleat to Ice Fishing Gear

Posted by on Mar 10,2014

Each year, many thousands of North Americans traverse the continent’s icy tundra to escape for an ice fishing trip with friends and family. It’s an occasion that many look forward to each year. But despite the fun and excitement that ice fishing offers, the activity takes place in an environment where there is constant danger of slipping and falling on the ice. It’s the reason that many experienced ice fisherman are now considering their footwear options for future trips. And one company is now offering the ideal addition to ice fishing gear. The Ultimate Cleat is a company that offers a standout product in the footwear marketplace. The company’s Ultimate Cleat solution is unique to any other piece of equipment on the market today. While it might not have the designer name attached and a large branding campaign at its foundation, the Ultimate Cleat is a product that is designed purely for functionality rather than simply commercial appeal. It’s this commitment to product performance that has helped the Ultimate Cleat design team create a product that is designed to be a lasting addition to ice fishing gear for millions of American winter voyagers. In addition to presenting an ideal protection against slips and falls during ice fishing trips, the Ultimate Cleat is also now considered the requisite product for those who are working in outdoor occupations, in which they must continually walk across icy environments to complete their working obligations. The Ultimate Cleat helps outdoor professionals such as construction workers and commercial ice fisherman achieve solid footing in their working environment. It’s the ideal product to help prevent slips and falls on the job that can cause companies to lose hundreds of man-hours annually. One of the clear advantages of the Ultimate Cleat product is that it’s simple to use. There’s no complex strapping or buttons to try to use in the freezing weather. The Ultimate Cleat harnesses the benefits of Velcro to provide users with sheer comfort and a no-fuss practicality that increases the buyer return on investment significantly. And the E-Coating on the product makes the Ultimate Cleat exceptionally rust resistant, thereby assuring standout durability that few other similar products on the marketplace can match. Another of the leading advantages of the Ultimate Cleat is that, despite its inherent strength and structural quality, it’s exceptionally small. This means that it can easily fit within most ice fishing gear storage systems. It’s a trusted product for assured footing in icy conditions. To learn more on the full array of advantages offered by the Ultimate Cleat, contact the company’s headquarters today and speak with an on-site staff...

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The Ultimate Cleat Ice Grippers

Posted by on Feb 25,2014

For construction teams and those working outside in the North American wintertime, the challenges of slips and falls on ice can be exceptionally difficult to overcome. It’s the type of safety concern that stays foremost in the mind of any professionals working outdoors in the wintertime. And in order to help allay their fears, they require access to footwear ice grippers that help provide them with the stability to complete their work successfully in the long-term. Now, one Clay Township, Michigan-based firm is helping support greater ease-of-movement and stability for all outdoor workers. The Ultimate Cleat team has created a product that is a standout solution within the winter-wear industry. Their Ultimate Cleat product is designed to seamlessly attach to any winter boot while assuring exceptional durability in the long-term through the product’s sturdy construction. In a commercial field where manufacturers plan product obsolescence to keep profit margins absurdly high, this type of commitment to complete product quality is rare. And it’s one of the reasons that so many outdoor working professionals are now selecting the Ultimate Cleat product to add to their working inventory. Within the company’s Ultimate Cleat, there’s no rubber that will wear down quickly and break over time. And there are no spikes that will dull and reduce the level of traction on the ice. It’s a heavy-duty product designed utilizing a Single Stamped 11 Gauge (1/8″ Thick) E-Coated solid steel plate that assures maximum grip on the ice in the long-term. Another of the design advantages of the Ultimate Cleat is that the company’s development team has created the product without the need for ties, buckles, buttons and snaps. This helps protect against the need to continually adjust the product within the cool wintery weather, and allows for a wearing experience that transcends that offered by other products on the marketplace. The company’s exceptional ice grippers are also compact, which means they can easily be integrated into a work bag or backpack for use when required. Truly every element of the product’s design has been considered by the specialists at the Ultimate Cleat. One size of the Ultimate Cleat fits all boots. And so shoppers buying the product online don’t have to worry about their ice grippers not fitting onto their work boots. The integration process is seamless and fast, which ensures that professionals can consolidate their working processes and spend more time focused on the task-at-hand. The Ultimate Cleat provides wearers and a high level of stability and performance for a broad range of winter-wear applications. Whether they’re required for walking on ice during a fishing trip or to help ensure stability for challenging working tasks, these cleats represent the latest innovation in winter wear. To learn more about the Ultimate Cleat, contact the company’s headquarters in Clay Township directly and speak with an on-site specialist about the company’s ordering...

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Ice Cleats for Winter Shoes Wearers

Posted by on Feb 10,2014

The annual winter fishing trips and hiking adventures are a rite of passage for many North Americans. They spend the winter months traversing the country, hoping to find that ideal spot where the scenery is just right or the fishing opportunities are plentiful. But one of the challenges faced by those on winter expeditions is that ice can make trails dangerous. Just one slip or fall can lead to a broken bone or a head injury. And so, before heading out on winter adventures, seeking sturdy footwear is imperative. It’s for this reason that many explorers are now harnessing ice cleats for their shoes, such as those offered by the team at Ultimate Cleat. Those who are serious about their winter sports will find that the Ultimate Cleat offers everything they could require in a footwear product. It’s a solution that enables them to traverse icy obstacles with the confidence in knowing that they have optimal ice cleats on their shoes for stability as they continue. The Ultimate Cleat is now one of the leading winter footwear products in the North American marketplace. Unlike most other similar products on the market today, the Ultimate Cleat is not a one-use and throwaway product. It’s a high performance solution that will be ideal for winter trips many years into the future. And that’s due to the fact that every element of the design of the Ultimate Cleat is optimized for product excellence. The Ultimate Cleat is also considered the ideal, versatile product for emergency preparedness kits. Oftentimes drivers will find themselves stuck in the snow during an especially bad winter storm. This type of situation might require the driver to cross difficult, icy terrain in order to find assistance. By packing the Ultimate Cleat within their car’s emergency preparedness kits, drivers will discover that there is no challenging terrain they cannot overcome. The benefits of the Ultimate Cleat are numerous. The product is made with an E-Coated solid steel plate that assures maximum grip on the ice and provides an exceptional level of durability that makes the product a fixture of winter kits from one year-to-the-next. And the E-coating on the exterior of the product means it’s exceptionally rust-resistant, thereby protecting against environment-based degradation in the long-term. The product is built to be a one-size fits all solution. It features a Velcro strap that enables the wearer to customize the Ultimate Cleat to the size of their own feat, for superior levels of comfort and protection against misuse. Winter adventures are founded upon safe, high performance equipment. Choose the Ultimate Cleat ice cleats for your shoes and experience the standout stability offered by the industry’s leading winter cleats. To learn more about the product, contact the Ultimate Cleat headquarters...

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Wintertime Ice Stability

Posted by on Jan 25,2014

For avid ice fishermen, the perils of the activity they love are well known. Slips and falls on ice are one of the difficulties associated with spending a large amount of time on a slippery surface. But many are unaware of the fact that studies are now showing those slips and falls result in bruises, bone fractures and brain injuries twenty-to-thirty percent of the time. And so now, it’s imperative that those making their way through the icy environments across North America this winter harness effective footwear to regain their stability. One of the latest marketplace solutions is the Ultimate Cleat, the leading ice cleats for a broad range of winter activities. The Ultimate Cleat is a standout product on the winter footwear marketplace in that it’s been built for the ultimate in terms of durability and is designed to last at least a decade or more. There is no rubber within the Ultimate Cleat product, which means wearer won’t suffer those breaks, cracks and tears that have become synonymous with lower-valued winter-wear options. Truly, the designers of the Ultimate Cleat have created their ice cleats for an unparalleled user experience. Instead of those annoying buckles, ties and snaps that can become loose in the cold, these leading ice cleats feature a heavy duty Velcro-based design that completely attaches to the bottom of winter footwear and assures a uniquely high level of rigid stability when walking across icy surfaces. Whether the wearer is making their way to their ice cabin on the lake before a fishing adventure, or hiking through a snowy tundra while exploring one of North America’s majestic winter nature trails, they can place they trust in the performance of the Ultimate Cleat to help them maintain their balance. The Ultimate Cleat’s design also comprises heavy-duty 11-guage E-coated rust-resistant steel with Velcro strapping. This material assures superior adhesion to the buckles, ties and snaps used by other, less durable products now available on the marketplace. One of the leading reasons so many winter adventurers are now purchasing the Ultimate Cleat is that the product is designed to be utilized with any modern winter footwear that has a 1” heel. It offers a seamless fit with most modern boot-types and will integrate within the heel of the boot to give assured footing on the ice. In addition to its recreational uses, the Ultimate Cleat is also widely utilized by outdoor workers within the construction and pipeline industries. It’s a lightweight, portable product that can be utilized as part of any outdoor worker kit. And this functional flexibility means it’s a product that is supporting greater levels of control for wearers across all winter environments. To learn more about the advantages of the Ultimate Cleat, contact the organization directly today and speak with the product’s manufacturers about its inherent qualities. Technical personnel are standing-by to answer any performance-based...

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Ice Fishing Gear

Posted by on Jan 10,2014

The winter’s arrival represent the dawn of a time when millions of North Americans travel to remote, ice-laden locations to attempt to make that exceptional catch. But, while traveling across the ice with their gear to their fishing location, many find it challenging to walk without slipping or falling. While it might not seem like a prominent danger, slips and falls on ice injure millions each year. And these slips and falls can lead to issues such as broken bones and even brain injury, depending on the severity. Fortunately, there’s now a simple product that can help preventing falls on the ice – the Ultimate Cleat. The Ultimate Cleat is the perfect complement to winter gear, whether the person is ice fishing or simply working outside on the ice as part of their full-time job. It’s a product that has revolutionized the marketplace and is providing superior comfort and stability to a broad range of winter adventurers across North America. Because the cleats offered by the Ultimate Cleat are designed harnessing the highest quality steel material, they are highly durable and will likely last for generations. Each additional component has also been built for heavy-duty performance durability. For example, the Velcro utilized in the product’s design is made from heavy nylon, to providing lasting retention against wear. For those who are committed to those regular ice fishing tips when the cold snaps begin across North America, the Ultimate Cleat will become a regular addition to ice fishing gear, alongside augers, fishing tackles and ice chisels. There will be no ice trip in which the Ultimate Cleat is not needed to ensure superior mobility and stability. As a tool to help reduce slips and falls, there’s simply no greater performing product available in the marketplace today. Each element of the product is designed for rigidity and control. For example, the Ultimate Cleat features four stamped spikes that will never require replacing for as long as the product is used. It also features a single-stamped, 11-gauge E-coated solid steel plate that assures maximum grip even on the smoothest of icy surfaces. And there is no need for wearers to review sizing options and test out various styles because the Ultimate Clear is designed to integrate seamlessly with all boot sizes up to size 19. This flexibility has made the product one of the most popular outdoor footwear accessories available within the commercial market today. To learn more about the Ultimate Cleat and how you can order the product directly today, contact the Ultimate Cleat offices in Clay Township, MI today. Technical specialists are standing-by to help answer questions on the product’s superior ice...

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