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Ice Fishing Gear

By on Jan 10, 2014 in News | 0 comments

The winter’s arrival represent the dawn of a time when millions of North Americans travel to remote, ice-laden locations to attempt to make that exceptional catch. But, while traveling across the ice with their gear to their fishing location, many find it challenging to walk without slipping or falling. While it might not seem like a prominent danger, slips and falls on ice injure millions each year. And these slips and falls can lead to issues such as broken bones and even brain injury, depending on the severity. Fortunately, there’s now a simple product that can help preventing falls on the ice – the Ultimate Cleat.

The Ultimate Cleat is the perfect complement to winter gear, whether the person is ice fishing or simply working outside on the ice as part of their full-time job. It’s a product that has revolutionized the marketplace and is providing superior comfort and stability to a broad range of winter adventurers across North America. Because the cleats offered by the Ultimate Cleat are designed harnessing the highest quality steel material, they are highly durable and will likely last for generations. Each additional component has also been built for heavy-duty performance durability. For example, the Velcro utilized in the product’s design is made from heavy nylon, to providing lasting retention against wear.

For those who are committed to those regular ice fishing tips when the cold snaps begin across North America, the Ultimate Cleat will become a regular addition to ice fishing gear, alongside augers, fishing tackles and ice chisels. There will be no ice trip in which the Ultimate Cleat is not needed to ensure superior mobility and stability. As a tool to help reduce slips and falls, there’s simply no greater performing product available in the marketplace today. Each element of the product is designed for rigidity and control.

For example, the Ultimate Cleat features four stamped spikes that will never require replacing for as long as the product is used. It also features a single-stamped, 11-gauge E-coated solid steel plate that assures maximum grip even on the smoothest of icy surfaces. And there is no need for wearers to review sizing options and test out various styles because the Ultimate Clear is designed to integrate seamlessly with all boot sizes up to size 19. This flexibility has made the product one of the most popular outdoor footwear accessories available within the commercial market today.

To learn more about the Ultimate Cleat and how you can order the product directly today, contact the Ultimate Cleat offices in Clay Township, MI today. Technical specialists are standing-by to help answer questions on the product’s superior ice performance.

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