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Ice Cleats for Winter Shoes Wearers

By on Feb 10, 2014 in News | 0 comments

The annual winter fishing trips and hiking adventures are a rite of passage for many North Americans. They spend the winter months traversing the country, hoping to find that ideal spot where the scenery is just right or the fishing opportunities are plentiful. But one of the challenges faced by those on winter expeditions is that ice can make trails dangerous. Just one slip or fall can lead to a broken bone or a head injury. And so, before heading out on winter adventures, seeking sturdy footwear is imperative. It’s for this reason that many explorers are now harnessing ice cleats for their shoes, such as those offered by the team at Ultimate Cleat.

Those who are serious about their winter sports will find that the Ultimate Cleat offers everything they could require in a footwear product. It’s a solution that enables them to traverse icy obstacles with the confidence in knowing that they have optimal ice cleats on their shoes for stability as they continue. The Ultimate Cleat is now one of the leading winter footwear products in the North American marketplace. Unlike most other similar products on the market today, the Ultimate Cleat is not a one-use and throwaway product. It’s a high performance solution that will be ideal for winter trips many years into the future. And that’s due to the fact that every element of the design of the Ultimate Cleat is optimized for product excellence.

The Ultimate Cleat is also considered the ideal, versatile product for emergency preparedness kits. Oftentimes drivers will find themselves stuck in the snow during an especially bad winter storm. This type of situation might require the driver to cross difficult, icy terrain in order to find assistance. By packing the Ultimate Cleat within their car’s emergency preparedness kits, drivers will discover that there is no challenging terrain they cannot overcome.

The benefits of the Ultimate Cleat are numerous. The product is made with an E-Coated solid steel plate that assures maximum grip on the ice and provides an exceptional level of durability that makes the product a fixture of winter kits from one year-to-the-next. And the E-coating on the exterior of the product means it’s exceptionally rust-resistant, thereby protecting against environment-based degradation in the long-term. The product is built to be a one-size fits all solution. It features a Velcro strap that enables the wearer to customize the Ultimate Cleat to the size of their own feat, for superior levels of comfort and protection against misuse.

Winter adventures are founded upon safe, high performance equipment. Choose the Ultimate Cleat ice cleats for your shoes and experience the standout stability offered by the industry’s leading winter cleats. To learn more about the product, contact the Ultimate Cleat headquarters directly.

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