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Ice Cleats for All Boots

By on Mar 25, 2014 in News | 0 comments

For those in wintery Northern climates, the need for an emergency preparedness plan in case their vehicle becomes stuck in the snow and ice is imperative. Becoming proactive on winter preparedness can help American prevent dangerous scenarios when they’re left with few resources in which to protect themselves. And so many are now considering the items that they’ll place into an emergency preparedness kit to place within their vehicle. A product that’s well suited for packing into an emergency kit, due to its small size and rugged structural performance is the Ultimate Cleat, considered one of the leading ice cleats for boots.

The Ultimate Cleat has quickly become one of the most popular outdoor footwear products on the commercial market in the US. Built for everyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the wintery north american weather, the Ultimate Cleat empowers greater stability on the ice through expertly engineered gripping technology. One of the reasons so many people are now choosing the Ultimate Cleat product for their winter use needs is that it offers a low one-time price-point for a product that is made to be highly durable and last for many winters to come. Unlike the majority of the winter-wear products on the current market, the Ultimate Cleat has been designed harnessing heavy 11 gauge E Coated Rust Resistant steel as well as Velcro strapping for ease of use.

A great advantage to integrating the Ultimate Cleat is that the ice cleats have been built for all boots with at least a one inch heel. This means that customers don’t have to go out and buy special boots to use the Ultimate Cleat, they can simply use it with the equipment they have, and capitalize on the additional stability provided through the product. The ease of use for the Ultimate Cleat makes the equipment ideal for first-responders. Those who work with medical and fire safety teams in wintery conditions must have access to equipment that is easy-to-carry and easy-to-implement. Low in weight and with Velcro rather than complex straps, buttons and buckles as a fastening material; the Ultimate Cleats attaches seamlessly to boots while on ice, therefore making them ideal for emergency response teams completing their work in tough terrain.

The Ultimate Cleat is a company that works with their customers to ensure satisfaction with their product line. That’s why they’ve instituted a number of policies to help customers feel comfortable with the Ultimate Cleat product. For example, should customers discover that the steel or strapping in the product is failing within the first year of use, due to a manufacturing defect; the company will replace the product free of charge. It’s this commitment to exceptional quality, as well as the innovation of the Ultimate Cleat that makes this the ideal solution for a broad range of users.

To learn more about the Ultimate Cleat, contact the company’s offices directly and speak with an on-site product specialist.

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