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Q: What makes The Ultimate Cleat different from the competition?

A: Sometimes something as simply and plain as this is the best and has been proven thru time. While variations of this design have been in use for over 100 years there has never been a product with this modern technology included. The TUC is a unique product because it is made to last. Heavy 11 gauge E-Coated Rust Resistant steel with VELCRO strapping, a modern day material that has excellent adhesion properties and can be used to secure to your boot 100’s of times.

Q: What type of boots does TUC fit”?

A: The Ultimate Cleat should fit any outdoor boot or winter shoe that has a 1” heel. When properly fitted the cleat fits solidly against the heel of your boots providing excellent grip on the ice.

Q: Who should buy The Ultimate Cleat?

A: The most common buyers are sportsmen, especially Ice fisherman and hikers. TUC is also used by winter hunters and persons that work outdoors around ice and heavy snow. Pipeline workers, construction crews, first responders are also a good fit. Because they are easy to carry and quick to attach they are great for anyone who is on snow and ice all day long, they provide a good grip for their footing.

Q: How long have cleats like this been used?

A: Well the general design has been used on and off for about a century. We have seen similar cleats in museums and have many old time ice fishermen say that they have used something very similar. Some of these fishing masters still have them and they do look similar. The Algonac/Clay Township Historical Society Community Museum in Michigan actually has one on display.

Q: Can I wear them anywhere?

A: If that anywhere is ice the answer is a resounding YES. They are also advisable for use in heavy snow where hidden ice may exist. Because TUC is designed for extreme and heavy duty slip resistance it can damage rigid surfaces. The Ultimate Cleat should NOT be used to walk on wood or wood floors, tile, linoleum, carpeted floors as it will damage it. You should also avoid using them extensively on dry pavement – cement and blacktop.

Q: How long will they last?

A: The steel will last for a very long time. While we can’t put an exact number on it a decade or more is the best guess. TUC is not a product of planned obsolescence like most things you buy today. We would venture to say you could hand them down to your kids if they were into winter sports and activities. The straps will no doubt give out before the steel, and they are easily replaceable.

Q: Will they fit large and small boots?

A: The cleat is 5″ across the width of your footwear and 2-3/4″ in length and is usually a good fit in the arch of ones foot. Because the cleats are placed in the arch of the boot and there is a total of 18 inches of Velcro for adjustment over the top of the arch and another 18 inches to secure it from moving forward by placing it around the back of the heal on a slight upward angle they will fit on most boots. It’s possible they may not fit a gigantic size boot over size 19

Q: What’s it made of?

A: The cleat itself is made from 11 gauge E-coated steel and made to last for many, many seasons. The heavy Velcro strapping is made of heavy nylon and will last a long time.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: If the steel or strapping should have a fail due to a manufacturing defect within one year from the date or purchase, we will replace it for free. Just contact us to request a Return Authorization and ship the product back to us. Upon receipt of the damaged or flawed products we will inspect them. If we determine the failure was due to the product or workmanship we will issue reimbursement for shipping and send a new product to you. If for any reason you purchase the product and it is never used you can return it (unopened) at any time for a full refund (excludes all shipping costs).

Q: Can The Ultimate Cleat guarantee I won’t Slip or Fall?

A: We wish we could make a promise like that but we can’t because everyone walks differently and the surfaces have such variation. TUC is a piece of safety equipment for use on ice to prevent injury from falling if walking or working in them. When used properly it should dramatically reduce the chance of an unexpected slip and fall.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: Shipping is standard ground methods in the United States and Canada and depending where determines the time but 7 to 10 days would be a safe guess.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do offer international shipping. To make sure you get the best rate please click here to contact us. Please select the -Shipping Quote and provide your mailing address.