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About Us

Slider Man with Ice cleats on BootDo a quick Internet search and you will find plenty of products claiming to be the “Ultimate” product for navigating across ice and frozen surfaces. There are many winter ice cleat products on the market but there is only one designed for heavy duty performance and that is The Ultimate Cleat.

The idea for the Ultimate Cleat was born out of necessity, a quality winter walking product that would do the job on ice. That’s it. No Frills just Function! You won’t see designer strapping or cool “golf shoe” mini spikes that need replacing. The Ultimate Cleat is a blue collar, hardhat, lunch pail carrying, get the job done tool!

In a world where manufacturers build products designed for planned obsolesce so you keep buying them. The Ultimate Cleat is amazingly unique. We have designed our product to last for a decade or more. You won’t find rubber that will break, crack and wear out or spikes that will dull with each use.

If you are looking for golf shoes, football, baseball or soccer cleats you will have to look elsewhere. At The Ultimate Cleat we keep the games on the grass fields where they belong. Our product is heavy duty from strap to steel! We take everything winter has to offer and ask for more!